Police Warning Following Attempted Courier Fraud Incidents

Pile of Credit Cards

Police are urging people to be vigilant following a series of attempted courier fraud incidents.

Fraudsters have called victims pretending to be from the police. They will state that the victim’s bank cards have been used fraudulently, and then ask them to contact their bank.  The fraudsters then stay on the line, in order to obtain bank details before sending a courier to collect the bank card, and use it to obtain cash.

  • If you receive a call like this, please hang up immediately and call 101 from a different phone. If there is a crime in progress, please call 999.
  • Please share this message with any elderly friends and relatives.
  • Remember the police and bank would never ask for your PIN or send a courier to collect your card.




Online health and diet supplements fail Trading Standards tests

Warwickshire Trading Standards service have tested health and diet supplements, available to purchase online from UK retailers.

Achieving weight loss, improving general health and vitality and providing additional vitamins were some of the health related claims made by the companies selling these products, classified as food supplements, not medicines.

However, composition and nutritional tests carried out by the public analyst on behalf of Warwickshire trading standards revealed serious problems with all nine products.

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New parcel delivery scam warning in Tamworth


Stafforsdhire police have issued a warning to local residents about a new type of parcel delivery scam.

‘The suspect poses as a parcel delivery driver wearing a convincing uniform and claims there is an outstanding delivery charge for a parcel which must be paid by card. The householder is asked to insert their card and input their PIN into a device while the ‘delivery man’ watches.

After the payment fails he claims the card reader is broken and tells the victim the card must be removed with a special tool he has in his van. He takes the card reader and card to his van and never returns. Equipped with the card and pin the driver can help himself to the victim’s bank account.’

The offender could strike anywhere so be on your guard against this type of fraud.

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Sniffer dogs help West Sussex Trading Standards prosecute shop owner

dog sniff

A little assistance from our furry friends helped West Sussex Trading Standards secure a conviction against a shop owner for selling illicit cigarettes.

32-year-old Aram Ramadan has recieved a 12-week prison sentence suspended for a year and been told to pay £2180 in fines and cost.

Following previous seizures of foreign-labelled cigarettes and tobacco, officers returned to Ramadan’s store at 120 Montague Street in February 2014 after a tip-off that counterfeit goods were again being sold there.

In total, 14,300 cigarettes and 13.55 kg of tobacco worth approximately just under £11k were seized

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Do you know how to protect you business or brand from copycats?


How well do you know your intellectual property rights and what you can do if any company steals your idea or brand? Look at this guide at:


The Inellectual Property Office also has a mine of information to help you. Have a look here:


Courier fraudsters filmed grinning while stealing cash from their 80 year old victim’s account


As callous courier fraud scammers continue to blight the region, West Midlands Police have released a video fitted to an ATM machine showing two men clearly enjoying their evening as they help themselves to the money of their 80 year old victim.

The scammers were filmed at a cash point in Coventry on the evening of March 17 having posed as bank staff on the phone and convincing the elderly man his cards needed to be recalled for security reasons.

The criminals talked the man into divulging his PIN number and leaving debit cards in an envelope on the doorstep of his Walsgrave home for a ‘courier’ to collect.

The video can be seen here:


Anyone with information is asked to call West Midlands Police on 101 and speak to PC Watson in the Acquisitive Crime Team at Willenhall police station in Coventry − or they can call the charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.


How well do you know your consumer rights?


How well do you know your consumer rights? Do you have the automatic right to get your money back if you change your mind? Do your rights change WHERE you buy the goods i.e in a shop, on the internet or in your home?

When we speak to the public at our talks Solihull Trading Standards often see people who have no clear idea what they are entitled to and hold common misconceptions about what businesses ought to do in disputes.

Empower yourself and look up your rights at Citizens Advice:


Solihull Trading Standards still issue civil advice to vulnerable residents in the borough. If you are involved in a dispute or need some general advice call us on 03454 04 05 06.

Courier fraudsters hit Birmingham hard

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Fraud police are urging residents to stay vigilant against phone scammers posing as police officers and bank staff after eight Birmingham residents were collectively conned out of £26,000 in the last few weeks.

On March 16 they succeeded in conning £3,500 out of a Billesley pensioner (aged 78) after claiming his card had been cloned, and four days later took £4,000 in cash from a 46-year-old Selly Park man who was told the notes were counterfeit must be seized as evidence.


NEVER give any personal details over before you know EXACTLY who you are dealing with. Call the police straightaway if you experience suspicious behaviour.

A ‘secret housebreakers’ code used by would be burglars to target vulnerable people unveiled


A shocking ‘secret housebreakers’ code used by criminals to mark homes before raids has been revealed by police. ‘Alarmed house’, ‘good target’ and ‘nothing worth stealing’ are among the signs which have been published. The ‘Nervous/afraid’ code seen above is a frightening indication of how criminals will target vulnerable people as ‘easy’ targets.

These codes have been seen in Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire. Residents are now being urged to look out for any markings on or near their property and to report it to the police.