Dixie sniffs out another stash


Dixie the springer spaniel sniffed out 16,500 cigarettes and 3.5kg of hand-rolling tobacco as 12 premises in Glasgow were targeted by Trading Standards and HM Revenue & Customs.

See an article about the find here:


Solihull Trading Standards have used specially trained dogs in the past (and will be doing so in the near future) to check premises for artfully concealed stashes of illegal tobacco. These may be counterfeit or non duty paid goods VERY carefully hidden from our prying eyes.

Just to show you the lengths to which people will go to in concealing their dodgy stuff Solihull Trading Standards recently seized illegal tobacco concealed inside a hollowed out fire extinguisher, stereo speakers and in the cash till itself!

Sellers of illegal goods are going to increasingly bizarre lengths to cover up their crimes. We are utilising every method we can get to stop them. If you believe illegal tobacco or alcohol is being sold in Solihull please call us on 03454 05 06. These people undermine legitimate traders and will often be involved in more serious crimes.



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