Can you help Trading Standards?


Solihull Trading Standards are calling out for help from local businesses to support a valued and rewarding community project.

Each year, young people aged between 13-17 with special educational needs from local schools come together to take part in the Consumer Challenge Quiz.

The quiz is part of a National Trading Standards initiative, encouraging young people with learning difficulties to become more informed consumers. It is also intended to boost their self esteem, team working and life skills.

As part of the regional heats we present the young people with ‘goody bags’, and we are looking for the support of businesses in the local community to help us by making contributions to the goody bags and prizes for the team members.

The quiz takes place on 17th March and any assistance businesses could offer would be greatly received.  We will ensure that your business is named and recognised as a sponsor in any press releases.




2 thoughts on “Can you help Trading Standards?

  1. Hi I’ve just been to Londis on rowood drive solihull and I asked them how much I had to spend to pay by credit card ? He answered ten pound I said forget it and went to the paper shop instead and told the lady behind the counter . She couldn’t believe it and another lady said if they know you its 50 pence . When I got home I called them and asked them the same question he said it depends I said I was the guy who had just been in and his reply was ten pound depending on what you buy


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