Solihull MBC Trading Standards service is dedicated to ensuring a fair trading environment in Solihull for both consumers and traders. This blog will give advice on the latest developments in the law to help you know your rights and responsibilities when you buy or sell goods or services. We will also notify you of the latest scams and the activity of suspected rogue traders across the borough to help you stay safe. Please spread the word that we are here to help!


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  1. Good morning. I believe that Birmingham Airport comes under your control ? I checked in for a Flybe flight there on Wednesday. I checked in my bag on their automatic weigh-scale, it read 24kg. This weigh-scale is linked to a credit card machine which automatically charges for additional weight being checked in (once confirmed). I asked them to recheck my baggage as I thought this was incorrect, the next machine of theirs showed 23.2 kg ! They were totally unaware of any calibration / checking having been carried out.

    Could you confirm that the airport is operating legally and is having their equipment checked as required ?


    Steve Cross


    • Dear Mr Cross,

      Yes, Birmingham Airport does come within our area. We physically check the scales at the airport every year. I will pass on this information to our weights and measures officer for their attention.

      Thank you for contacting us.

      Yours sincerely,

      James Shore


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