Out with Milo and West Midlands Police…

Wagtail UK training at simulated shop


Sniffer dog Milo, Solihull Trading Standards and West Midlands Police were out and about in the borough yesterday.

Milo did a great job and seemed to really enjoy helping us carry out inspections at a number of shops to make sure that illegal tobacco is not being secretly stashed to sell.

We found a small quantity of non duty paid cigarettes but we are glad to say that the majority of shops only had legitimate goods. However, we will continue to keep our eyes and ears open for any hint of illegal merchandise being sold in Solihull!

If you have any information about illegal tobacco or alcohol being sold in the borough you can call us confidentially on 03454 04 05 06.



Dixie wins an award!


Ace sniffer dog Dixie had a good night out recently as she picked up a gong for ‘Excellence in Anti-Counterfeiting Enforcement.’ She has helped trading standards teams across the UK to sniff out thousands of counterfeit cigarettes.

Watch this space – Solihull Trading Standards may be out sooner than you think with our little helpers too!

Illegal puppy trade is still rife


A recent spate of illegal puppies in Northamptonshire highlights the sad, ongoing issues with illicit animal importation into the UK.

There have been two cases in Northamptonshire of puppies being brought into the UK illegally since October.

The first was a Slovakian puppy that had to be quarantined for 21 days and the second was a dog from Moldova that will now spend four months in quarantine.

See an article about the issue here:


Trading Standards sniffers sniff out another haul of illegal tobacco


Our little friends have nosed out another secret stash of illegal tobacco in Waterloo and Sefton.

More than 6,000 illegal cigarettes along with pouches of tobacco were seized after retail were visited by Sefton Council Trading Standards officers and specially trained tobacco sniffer dogs.

See an article about the seizure here:


Solihull Trading Standards might well be out soon with a few little helpers too so any illegal tobacco sellers better watch out!

Dixie sniffs out another stash


Dixie the springer spaniel sniffed out 16,500 cigarettes and 3.5kg of hand-rolling tobacco as 12 premises in Glasgow were targeted by Trading Standards and HM Revenue & Customs.

See an article about the find here:


Solihull Trading Standards have used specially trained dogs in the past (and will be doing so in the near future) to check premises for artfully concealed stashes of illegal tobacco. These may be counterfeit or non duty paid goods VERY carefully hidden from our prying eyes.

Just to show you the lengths to which people will go to in concealing their dodgy stuff Solihull Trading Standards recently seized illegal tobacco concealed inside a hollowed out fire extinguisher, stereo speakers and in the cash till itself!

Sellers of illegal goods are going to increasingly bizarre lengths to cover up their crimes. We are utilising every method we can get to stop them. If you believe illegal tobacco or alcohol is being sold in Solihull please call us on 03454 05 06. These people undermine legitimate traders and will often be involved in more serious crimes.


Buying a puppy? Stay wise to the conmen


The illegal puppy trade has been prominent in the news recently. Rogues have been said to make up to £30,000 a week from illicit sales.

Take a look at the guide below compiled by Hampshire Trading Standards to stay safe when buying a new pet:


Sniffer dogs uncover more than £10,000 worth of illegal tobacco in Birmingham


Birmingham Trading Standards and their little helpers (provided by BWY Tobacco Detection Dog Services) have sniffed out over 27,000 illegal cigarettes and 120 packets of hand rolling tobacco during raids on Birmingham shops and off licenses. The goods (valued at £11,800) were hidden under fridges, in roof spaces and in a cellar.

See the article here:


Watch out – it may not be too long until we are out and about in Solihull again on the look out for illicit tobacco…….

Shopkeeper radios through to upstairs and dodgy cigarettes drop down a secret chute on cue!!!


Bertie the sniffer dog had a good day when he found this secret chute in the first floor of a newsagent in Manchester.  The shopkeeper Amir Sohail would radio through an illegal cigarette or tobacco order to upstairs and the smuggled goods would magically pop down the chute.

£10,000 of cigarettes, loose tobacco and snuff were found hidden upstairs.

Mr Sohail was fined £3,000, pus £957 costs and a £300 victim of crime surcharge.

See the article here:


Sniffing out fake Bacardi…


Bracknell Forest Trading Standards, with a lot of help from the guys above, are continuing the fight against illegal and dangerous alcohol with the seizure of 20 bottles of counterfeit Bacardi.

See the article here:


Fake alcohol can cause blindness and liver disease. Is it worth taking the risk to save a few quid?

If you suspect illegal tobacco is being sold in Solihull please contact us on 03454 04 05 06.