Out in Solihull with WM Police speaking to firework sellers

trad standards

Over the last few nights we have been out and about in Solihull speaking to the owners of shops who sell fireworks to the public. We have advised on policies in place ensuring that fireworks are NOT sold to under 18s, safe storage and clear displays. Have a safe bonfire night and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!


Safety warning issued after fireworks being sold on social media


Trading Standards have warned people about the dangers of buying fireworks on social media sites after a significant quantity were seized from a residential property in the Scarborough area.

The safety of fireworks is regulated and any firework sold to the public in the UK must meet the European safety standard and be sold by a registered seller. Counterfeit and unsafe fireworks, often with instructions in a foreign language, are imported into the UK and, because of the checks that are carried out at wholesalers and hight street retailers, these are likely to end up being sold through social media or at car boot sales and in pubs.

The unregistered sellers who store fireworks at residential properties jeopardise not only their customers but themselves as they risk a serious fire incident and are likely to invalidate their house insurance.

If you know of any unregistered firework sellers operating in Solihull please call us on 03454 04 05 06.