Solihull Multi Agency vehicle check uncovers some seriously heavy loads

trad standards

Solihull Trading Standards joined forces today with Solihull Licensing, West Midlands Police, HM Revenue & Customs and other agencies to carry out checks on vehicles travelling in the Solihull area.

On a particularly ‘crisp’ January day, taxis, vans, lorries and cars were stopped and numerous checks were made in relation to their roadworthiness and overall legality. Solihull Trading Standards dealt with several cases of vehicles being unsafely overweight. One van was almost 1.5 TONNES over the legal limit and constituted a grave danger to its driver and other road users. We will take the appropriate action in dealing with the offences.

Solihull will continue to do our utmost in 2016 to ensure that the public in the borough are safe. If you have any information that would suggest otherwise please contact us via Citizens Advice on 03454 04 05 06.



2 bags of sugar for £500?


See the shocking article below from West Midlands Police ( :

‘Police are warning people not to be tempted by offers of cheap Christmas presents being sold by fraudsters in Birmingham in the run up to the festive period.

The message comes after a report of a scam in Northfield on November 10, when a shopper was approached and asked whether they wanted to buy a new iPhone 6.

The man was asked to look at the phones, which were kept in the fraudster’s car nearby. He agreed to buy one of the phones and went with the man to a nearby bank, before handing over £500 cash.

The bogus seller then gave the man a package and sped off in his vehicle towards the Rubery area.

When the shopper checked inside the bag, they found two bags of sugar.

The fraudster is described as a white man, mid 30s, chubby build and 6’-6’2 tall. He had ginger hair and stubble and wore a black top, dark jacket, black shorts and trainers.

DC Michelle Beasley from the force’s acquisitive crime team, said: “People need to remember that if a deal is too good to be true it usually means it is and only buy from reputable firms. I want to hear from anyone who may recognise the description of this man and who was also approached in the past few weeks about buying Iphones. I would also like to warn people to be aware of this scam as Christmas approaches. ”

Anyone with information should call police on 101.’

Couple convicted of online shopping con after police investigation

A couple from Birmingham have been convicted of fraud after conning more than 50 online shoppers out of £1,000’s by setting up bogus web companies.

Saqib Bashir and his wife Rimla Chaudurey, from William Cook Road in Washwood Heath, offered iPhones, Pandora bracelets, hair straighteners and designer watches for sale on Instagram.

The adverts persuaded 55 buyers to part with a combined total of £14,824 – but all found to their cost that the online firms existed only in the heads of the crooked couple.

None of the victims received the goods they ordered and never heard from Bashir (27) or 24-year-old Chaudurey again.

read the full story here

Birmingham crack down on bogus ‘Halal’ meat


Birmingham City Council’s Trading Standards service joined West Midlands police officers to visit six premises, including butchers and meat wholesalers, across the city in a series of raids. They seized hundreds of chickens during an investigation into firms selling meat wrongly-labelled as halal to Muslims.

It is a criminal offence to mis-describe items. If you feel that any business in Solihull is misleading its customers please contact us on 03454 04 05 06

Dating conman jailed for 5 years

Haider with IP on holiday

Callous conman Ammar Haider (pictured) has been jailed for 5 years after cheating 3 women out of £120,000 and leaving them facing financial ruin.

Married father of two Haider from Acocks Green near Solihull invented a series of completely fictitious sob stories to persuade the women, all in their 20s, to hand over their savings, take out loans and even pawn their possessions.

His pack of lies included:

  • He needed thousands of pounds to pay for emergency treatment for his ill father
  • His sister needed pioneering surgery in the US for tuberculosis
  • He claimed that he needed £45,000 in bail money to escape torture in a Dubai prison after being arrested
  • He claimed to be a budding pilot for Emirates Airlines and needed ‘pilot license costs’

As the net closed around him he adopted the persona of a feared gangster to intimidate his victims into keeping quiet. The full article from West Midlands Police can be found here:

Det Con Phillips warned, “When meeting through dating websites people should heed the precautions advised by the site and never hand over large sums of money.”

Beware of distraction burglary…


Criminals can use all sorts of ruses to try and gain access to your house and possessions. Burglars won’t go to the trouble of breaking in if they can just knock and get invited in.

See the below guide to staying safe from these people made by West Midlands police:

Solihull Trading Standards hits the Jackpot

tobacco 1

It was a really good day for us yesterday but probably not so great for the people who had their illegal tobacco taken from them.

Over a period of time we had received several reports that a shop in Solihull was selling non duty paid foreign cigarettes. Yesterday we sent someone in to attempt to buy some goods and our test purchaser managed to get a packet of Polish cigarettes at the bargain price of £5! As a result of this sale we quickly organised a joint visit to the premises with West Midlands Police. We carried out an extensive search of the shop and found illegal, non duty paid cigarettes and hand rolling tobacco in the most weird and wonderful places.  A fire extinguisher had been hollowed out and stuffed full of pouches of tobacco, a pair of speakers contained numerous packets of foreign cigarettes and yet more pouches of tobacco were found inside the casing of the cash till!! We seized all the illegal items.

The day showed that real results that can be obtained by effective intelligence gathering and collaborative working with West Midlands Police. We have also hopefully sent a message out that we will simply not tolerate illegal trade practices in Solihull. The practice of selling non duty paid cigarettes adversely effects legitimate businesses and can often just be only one aspect of further criminality.

If you suspect illegal tobacco or alcohol is being sold anywhere in Solihull please contact us on 03454 04 05 06.

cigarettes stashed in the back of a speaker

Tobacco found in the till

Tobacco found in the till

Working closely with Birmingham Airport


Some people may not know that Birmingham Airport is actually in Solihull and, therefore, covered by Solihull MBC Trading Standards. We also cover the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) and the new entertainment venue Resorts World Birmingham.

We are working more and more closely with UK Border Force at the airport. We look at large freight consignments coming into the UK for unsafe products or illegal tobacco importations. We will liaise with the local authority where the goods are due to be delivered to establish whether the companies involved are known, regular importers of illicit items, and if necessary seize illegal goods to prevent them entering the market.

We also work closely with West Midlands Police to target companies trading unfairly. This involves regular joint patrols looking for doorstep criminals and joint exercises targetting specific problem trading areas.

We are here to help if you suspect illegal trading. Please contact us if you have any information via Citizens Advice on 03454 04 05 06.

Courier fraudsters filmed grinning while stealing cash from their 80 year old victim’s account


As callous courier fraud scammers continue to blight the region, West Midlands Police have released a video fitted to an ATM machine showing two men clearly enjoying their evening as they help themselves to the money of their 80 year old victim.

The scammers were filmed at a cash point in Coventry on the evening of March 17 having posed as bank staff on the phone and convincing the elderly man his cards needed to be recalled for security reasons.

The criminals talked the man into divulging his PIN number and leaving debit cards in an envelope on the doorstep of his Walsgrave home for a ‘courier’ to collect.

The video can be seen here:

Anyone with information is asked to call West Midlands Police on 101 and speak to PC Watson in the Acquisitive Crime Team at Willenhall police station in Coventry − or they can call the charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.


Courier fraudsters hit Birmingham hard

Layout 1

Fraud police are urging residents to stay vigilant against phone scammers posing as police officers and bank staff after eight Birmingham residents were collectively conned out of £26,000 in the last few weeks.

On March 16 they succeeded in conning £3,500 out of a Billesley pensioner (aged 78) after claiming his card had been cloned, and four days later took £4,000 in cash from a 46-year-old Selly Park man who was told the notes were counterfeit must be seized as evidence.

NEVER give any personal details over before you know EXACTLY who you are dealing with. Call the police straightaway if you experience suspicious behaviour.